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Fall 2022 Yoga Teacher Training

with Olivia Rousseau 500 E-RYT, Doctor of Physical Therapy (Pelvic Health/Orthopedics), and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)

Take 9 months to foster self-development with Yoga Teacher Training, beginning in September! The program is a mix of 7 in-person sessions, 3 online immersions, and plentiful pre-recorded content.
Through this training you will become a Yoga Alliance trained Yoga Teacher while deepening your yoga practice over the course of 10 weekends. Our supportive community of students is full of curious minds and open hearts actively working on their personal development and prioritizing self-care so that we all may be of service to ourselves and the world.

In this training program, you can count on a specialized focus on anatomy, alignment, and how to instruct a safe and effective yoga practice. Olivia is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in Orthopedics and Pelvic Health, so that's a promise. The training has a broad focus when it comes to style. You will learn Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, and more so YOU have the knowledge to inform your teaching choices. Whether you are a student looking to add depth to your practice or plan to teach - this training will welcome you home.

TUITION (Payment plan available):
$300 deposit
$300 per month

We are a Yoga Alliance registered program. A payment plan is available.

Please contact Olivia directly with questions [email protected]

Additional Information and Program Applications Here!

Saturday Morning Yoga Every Week!

No need to sign up, just show up bring your own yoga mat and water and make a donation!

Expected donation $10
Pay what you can $5
Pay for you and help a friend $15

You can donate ahead of time via paypal (click the button below) or by cash, credit card or venmo in person!

This class is appropriate for all levels. 

We will be outside weather permitting.

Saturday June25th, 11:30am-12:30pm

$10, please pre-register

Join Jen for a Go Smudge yourself tutorial and take home a sage stick to use your new skills and properly cleanse your home and yourself!

Jen Watkins, of RBYGG hand makes all of our Smudge sticks and Good Juju protectant herb wands. What she doesn’t grow she tries to obtain locally or sources ethically.

We all love a good energy cleanse of our space! Sage is believed to kill 94% percent of airborne viruses as well as releases negative ions into the air. It energetically cleanses the stagnant energy in your home and many other herbs can be burned for different specific energetic cleanses.

During the class, she will show you how to properly and safely burn a smudge stick with a fireproof vessel to cleanse and purify your space. Some of the herbs and spiritual uses demonstrated will be: Different types of Sage, Rosemary, Palo Santo, Yerba Santa, Mugwort as well as loose smudge blends and resins demonstrated on charcoal discs that will be available for purchase.

Strength and Endurance Yoga

with Crystal Ham, RYT-200

Sundays: 8:30 – 9:30 A.M.

Expected donation $10
Pay what you can $5
Pay for you and help a friend $15

Please bring your own mat and water.


One Sunday Evening a month 6pm
Come for an hour long introduction to meditation.
We will spend some time talking about a basic technique, putting that technique to practice and then sharing tips for success and answering questions.
Meditation is a skill to practice and cultivate just like all other skills.
Chairs as well as stackable blankets will be available. Please bring your own cushion or any other props you like.
Donation Based Class:
Expected donation $10
Pay what you can $5
Pay for you and help a friend $15

Monthly Chakra Meditation

Dianne Milligan leads a guided meditation to clear and align chakras with the use of crystals. Class will begin with a short lecture and explanation.
What to wear and bring.....wear comfortable clothes, bring a yoga mat, blanket(s), bolsters, eye pillows (anything you need to be comfortable) and a mask.
Please let us know if you can not get up and down off the floor, we can provide a chair.
This class is offered every four weeks with the new moon.

Friday evenings at 7pm
Suggested donation $20
Pay what you can $15
Pay what you can and help a friend $25
For more information contact Dianne
[email protected]


Crystal of the Month

Join Dianne for an in depth experience learning about a different crystal each month. We will delve into the uses of the crystal, learn how to charge it, where to place it in your home and you will take one home at the end of class!

Friday Evenings 6pm
6/6 - Special Crystal Grid Class- $60
$35 per class- please pre-register so enough stones are ordered.
For more information contact Dianne
[email protected]



Come relax as you are guided through a Reiki infused meditative journey to release what no longer serves you.
Come wearing cozy layers and expect a sound healing experience and ceremony to release anything weighing you down. You'll leave feeling balanced, energized and renewed.
Please bring your own yoga mat and any props, blankets, eye masks, a notepad. Whatever you need to feel comfortable.
Donations will be accepted at the time of class via cash or card.
Expected donation $25
Pay what you can $20
Pay for yourself and help a friend $30 
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*No Class in May*

Come prepare for Monday with a calming Sunday night yoga class.

Please bring your own yoga mat and props.

Recommended donation $10
Pay what you can $5
Pay for you and help a friend $15

This class offered monthly-ish in rotation with our other Sunday evening class line up. The teacher may change but you will leave feeling calm, content and ready to start your week.

 7/17 & 7/31 Megan 

Yoga Energetics: Root Chakra
Friday May 13, 6:30p
Yoga Energetics: Sacral Chakra
Friday June 10, 6:30p
Yoga Energetics: Solar Plexus
Friday July 8, 6:30pm
Yoga Energetics: Heart Chakra
Friday August 19, 6:30p
Remaining Class schedule TBA
hours of CEU for Yoga Alliance Yoga Teachers.
30 minute theory and 90 minute asana, pranayama and meditation practice focusing on the root chakra.
Great for yoga teachers wanting a deeper understanding of how to intentionally use energetics in sequencing and yoga students looking to deepen their practice.
Please let Aly know if you need these hours recorded for CEUs for Yoga Alliance.
2 contact hours CEU $26

Take a deep dive into back bends, understand basic anatomy involved, modifications to practice, how and why to modify.

Students should have a basic understand of yoga poses and a consistent practice of at least a year or be regularly attending classes with an instructor.

Yoga Alliance CEU available 2 hours.

Please bring a strap, two blocks and a yoga mat.



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