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Join Dianne as you are guided through a full body listening experience that uses crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls, gong, chimes, drum and many other instruments. In addition to relaxing the body and mind, a sound bath can balance the chakras by utilizing specific sound vibrations.

Sound bath is an ancient sound healing practice whereby the practitioner leads the clients into a relaxed, reclining position and allows the healing sounds of instruments to bathe the client.

Please bring your own yoga mat and any props, blankets, eye masks. Whatever you need to feel comfortable. 

Donations will be accepted at the time of class via cash or card.

Expected donation $25
Pay what you can $20
Pay for yourself and help a friend $30 

Health coach nurse Libby Pasquariello, will guide you through an assessment of your current state of whole being wellness. (W)holistic care means paying attention to all facets of your being, not just physical health, to come into a state of well-rounded, (w)holistic wellbeing. Spend this time in a small group setting gaining clarity on your personal state of whole being wellness and walk away with an actionable plan to level up your wellness!

90 minute class

$10 drop in

Abdominal Therapy-More than just a Belly Rub

Are you curious about Abdominal Therapy?  Do you have a difficult relationship with your Belly and want to improve it?  Are you experiencing abdominal pain, digestion, elimination, urinary or pelvic difficulties? Abdominal Therapist, Tanya Kelly is offering a class to explore these questions.

Pre-register or Drop in for $17

This 75 minute class includes:

A brief overview of the history of Abdominal Therapy and anatomy basics.
The benefits of Abdominal Therapy
An Abdominal “check in” through breath and touch.
A Question and Answer period.

Saturday Morning Yoga

No need to sign up, just show up bring your own yoga mat and water and make a donation!

Expected donation $10
Pay what you can $5
Pay for you and help a friend $15

You can donate ahead of time via paypal (click the button below) or by cash, credit card or venmo in person!

This class is appropriate for all levels. 

We will be outside weather permitting.

Join Sara Namken, registered dietitian, Dominique Lowe, soon-to-be registered dietitian, and Libby Pasquariello, health coach nurse to learn about eating for wellness. Topics will include the value of mindfully eating whole, balanced, less processed foods, focusing on protein. Participants will have an interactive experience, sampling food from Namken Nutrition, while learning about their nutrient benefits and being guided to practice skills of mindful eating.
Cost: $50
Includes Food and 60 min class Instruction, time is allotted after the class for questions.
Come relax as you are guided through a Reiki infused meditative journey to release what no longer serves you.
Come wearing cozy layers for this ceremony to release anything weighing you down. You'll leave feeling balanced, energized and renewed.
Please bring your own yoga mat and any props, blankets, eye masks, a notepad. Whatever you need to feel comfortable.
Donations will be accepted at the time of class via cash or card.
Expected donation $25
Pay what you can $20
Pay for yourself and help a friend $30 
Overview and discussion on the energy body anatomy including the koshas, nadis and chakra system.
Each workshop will have a focused discussion of an individual chakra and how if effects us on physical, emotional, intrapersonal and social levels.
Practice suggestions for working with this energy and guided meditation.
Great for yoga teachers wanting a deeper understanding of how to intentionally use energetics in sequencing and yoga students looking to deepen their practice.
Please let Aly know if you need these hours recorded for CEUs for Yoga Alliance.

$28 pre-registration or drop in 
2 hour class
Join Phillip Nicholls for a group Hypnosis class.
Learn‎ how‎ to‎ use‎ Mind-Body-Energy‎ Techniques‎ to‎ create‎ change,‎ decrease‎ anxiety‎ and‎ increase‎ confidence.
$25 pre-registration or drop in 
1 hour class


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